The Nuts and Bolts of Brother Mel

                               Brother Mel

I was on lunch break when I took a "quick" detour into The Arts Company in downtown Nashville.  I felt nurtured as I viewed the beautiful paintings, sculptures and mixed media.   I took the elevator to the second floor and entered a room containing six "bowls" of various sizes made of welded metal items like nuts, bolts, wrenches, hammer heads, meat hooks, spoons, forks, knives and tractor chains.   I stopped in my tracks and my pulse quickened when I saw "my" Brother Mel bowl.   I had to touch it.  I had to walk around it and watch the way the eastern light spilling in bounced off it's irregular surfaces.  I visualized how it would look with a round piece of glass on top of it sitting in front of my fireplace and saffron color sofa.   Now, I'm not a girl who spends lots of money on stuff.  But I knew this piece belonged with me.   And then when I found out that the artist was a Marianist monk and that all of his portion of the sale went to supporting his community,  I was further inspired.

I have since met Brother Mel numerous times, and am as inspired by his story and his spirit as much as I am by his work.  You can see more of his work at

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