I'll Have Nun of That!

I did a triple take! I spied a luminous vision while I waited for the light to change. Sitting there in front of Maggie Moo's enjoying ice cream on a gorgeous fall afternoon, were four elegant, laughing nuns with their white robes and white/black lined habits flapping in a gentle breeze. Pleasure, it was pure pleasure I tell you! That is what I saw vaporizing from this joyous party! They were taking pleasure in each other's company, pleasure in the glorious day, pleasure in their rich decadent ice cream cones, and pleasure in feeling the pleasure (ok I'm projecting) of their creator taking pleasure in them taking pleasure! Kinda like that rain - ocean - evaporation - rain - ocean continuum.

It looked like pure pleasure to me, and I'll have nun of that!

Copyright (c) 2009 Pam Mark Hall

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