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  1. Personal Rescue

Pam: vocal
Dave Perkins: rhythm and lead guitars and backing vocal
Reece Wynans: piano
Glenn Worf: bass
Phil Parlapiano: accordian, acoustic guitar


Words and Music by Pam Mark Hall

You’re alone tonight with no one to please
Feeling paralyzed
In the TV light you lie awake
And you realize
Till you take care of yourself
You can’t love somebody else

In the silence stare at your shadow
Stumbling down the hall
It’s a lonely dance for one
Up on your bedroom wall
Cry yourself to sleep tonight
But tell yourself that “You’ll be all right”


You can make it on your own
Cause you’re never really all alone
Now you’re staring at the truth
You’re the only one who can carry you
It’s time to stage
A personal rescue
A personal rescue

Hold your pillow tight till the morning light
It’ll comfort you
In the deepest night, the hurt will heal
And coming true
Like a child who’s learned to crawl
It won’t be long till you’re standing tall

© Copyright 1993 Pam Mark Hall Music (ASCAP)
All rights reserved Used by permission