Title track from Pam Mark Hall album "Paler Shade" produced by Dave Perkins
Written by Pam Mark Hall & Kim Thomas
PamMarkHall Music/ASCAP & JKT Music/ASCAP c 1994. All rights reserved.



Words by Pam Mark Hall & Kim Thomas
Music by Pam Mark Hall

Red lipstick on my face
Blotted on a magazine
Crayon melting in a hot noon sun
Rainbow on a wet black street
Blazing star against a velvet night
Sinatra singing love songs
A first kiss so long ago
Scent of summer lawn that lingers on
Just a

Paler shade of you
Fading from my view
Beauty everywhere
And I compare it to
A Paler Shade of You
Sun-washed villa on a crystal bay
Drinking latte in a street café
Strangers glancing, they seem to know
Blushing, I can’t look away
Fresco painted with a master’s touch
And the passion of Picasso
A veil of light falls on their faces
As they go, a phantom rose
Just a

Gonna peel the moon off the midnight sky
It’s mine now for the taking
Like my heart, it’s full tonight
Shining through a sea of blue
Just a….

© Copyright 1993 Pam Mark Hall Music (ASCAP)/ JKT Music Publishing (ASCAP)