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  1. Solitude

From the recording Mangle the Tango

*Arranged and co-produced by Don Hart
Acoustic Guitar – John Mock
Upright Bass – Rene Worst
Lap Steel Guitar – Dan Dugmore
David Davidson, concertmaster
David Angell, violin
Monisa Angell, viola
Carole Rabinowitz, cello
Quentin Flowers, bass
Electric Guitar – Roy Salmond


Written by Pam Mark Hall

my deepest darkest secret
Like a lover take me home
Seduce my heart with a silent whisper
Now that we are all alone
Inside out or turn me outside in
Anyway you wanna look at where I’ve been
I’ve been up down all around
Full circle I begin
Seeking jewels in solitude

Oh what a simple pleasure
A poor girl’s luxury
Shake my soul
Startle me to my senses
With fragrant memories
Earth and sky I saw them
Sand and sea
Light and color kissing shamelessly
Oh drench these dry bones
Craving beauty
Seeking Jewels in Solitude

Mystical Meditation Timeless remedy
Eye to eye that’s how you always find me
Floating in your treasury
When they call be back to face
The day’s reality
All the boats the China couldn’t carry me
And all the beauty I found inside of me
Seeking jewels in solitude

© 1998 Pam Mark Hall Music (ASCAP)
All rights reserved.