From the recording Mangle the Tango

Piano – Pam Mark Hall
Electric Guitar – Jerry Chamberlain
Acoustic Guitar, Wurlitzer – Roy Salmond
Organ: Brett Ziegler
Bass – Tony Maryatt
Drums – Randall Stoll
Background Vocals – Glenda Rae, Roy Salmond


How Do You Know (Cobalt Blue)
Written by Pam Mark Hall

Whistling past the graveyard ghosts
So I don't hear them speak
Fumbling with futility
Am I doomed to repeat
All the wreckage left in the
Ancestral wake?

Creeping fast like Kudzu
Thoughts are swallowing my life
Strangling existence
Till I pull out the knife
Slash back the voices
Take back my space and mind

How do you know
That you know
What you know?
How do you know
That you know What You Know?

Cobalt Blue, Juggle and Swoon
Cobalt Blue

Take a flying leap to find relief
In the here and now
In the beauty of the gloaming
The paradox of how
At one time
I can both fall and fly


Truth de noir, so darkly seen
Truth de noir, the Mystery

Comment savez-vous que
Vous savez ce que Vous savez?


Cobalt Blue, Juggle and Swoon
Cobalt Blue, Juggle and Swoon

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