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  1. On Your Side


from the album Paler Shade – Storyville Records 1993
Words & Music: Pam Mark Hall

It’s a big wide world of opportunity
A girl can shoot for stars and some day reach her dreams
Well, I got no space or time for mediocrity
That’s why I hope and pray that you will come to me
With a heart that’s ever-true
And a deep desire to love and follow through

Oh, baby if you cross that line
You’ll find that I’m already on your side
I got faith enough to prove I’m a believer
That two can live as free as one
I’ll be shining like the midnight sun
Long enough for you to see
I’m on your side

It’s a long hard climb straight up that mountainside
I know that nothing less would make you satisfied
Oh, there’s such a price to pay if you wanna touch the sky
Do you have to stand on top before yourealize
What your heart keeps longing for
Someone to share the dream you’re reaching for


© Copyright 1993 Heart Journey Music/Meadowgreen/EMI (ASCAP)
All rights reserved Used by permission.