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  1. All Right Now


from the album Paler Shade – Storyville Records 1993​
Words & Music: Pam Mark Hall

Gotta learn to laugh like a wild heyena
Have some fun on this soul safari
Deeper and deeper in the jungle of life
Wanna dance with a den of monkeys
Get crazy swinging tree to tree
Higher and higher til I’m swinging in a breeze
Looking down on the misery
Shaking off what troubled me

It’s all right
With me tonight
It’s all right now

I learned to prowl like a momma lion
Protect my young when danger’s near
Stronger and stronger
Hear me roaring loud and clear
Keep a running like a spotted Cheetah
Passing by what’s seducing me
Faster and wiser see me run to what I need
Looking back at what worried me
Grinning at the irony that


See me prancing like a purple peacock
Confident, really strut my stuff
Freer and freer cause my best is good enough
Hear me singing like a gold canary
Breaking out of a guilded cage
Sweeter and sweeter,
Freedom charmed my fear away
Sailing on serenity
The wind of life to carry me


© Copyright 1993 Pam Mark Hall Music (ASCAP) All rights reserved.