"Get Back"

Forty-one years ago this week, the Beatles played their famous last concert on the roof of their London headquarters.

The Beatles were a mess in that January of 1969. The recording of an album tentatively titled 'Get Back' was meant…

Perfectly Imperfect

I am perfectly imperfect - always wanting to be more than I am, but embracing the me I am and blessing what I have to share in this present moment.  ~ PMH

I want to be more than I am…

Santa Fe Plaza Serendipity/Ronald Chee

We are celebrating my mother's, Cora Lee Phillips, 81st birthday in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She and I had a grand adventure here over forty years ago when we attended an "Up With People" conference.  All I remember is that…

The Nuts and Bolts of Brother Mel

                               Brother Mel

I was on lunch break when I took a "quick" detour into The Arts Company in downtown Nashville.  I felt nurtured as I viewed the beautiful paintings, sculptures and mixed media.   I took the elevator to the second…

The Hot Pink Tire

    Photo by Jerry Chamberlain   And then I saw it! A sculpture of about 50 bikes wired together and hanging in front an aluminum garage door next to the entrance of the Arcade. "Please, oh please go…

I'll Have Nun of That!

I did a triple take! I spied a luminous vision while I waited for the light to change. Sitting there in front of Maggie Moo's enjoying ice cream on a gorgeous fall afternoon, were four elegant, laughing nuns with their…

An Old Woman Plays Slide Guitar w/ Light Bulb

This old woman inspires me. If she can play slide guitar with a light bulb on a street corner in front of a dumpster in Belarus, I have no legitimate excuses for not exercising my talents.

Oh, like everyone else…